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Looking for that home-made gift, but no passion for baking treats?  Leave it to us!  Depending on the size of the family or business, we have three programs to make shopping and gift giving easy – any time of year. We produce and ship our breads during the second week of the month, except for December  – we ship to arrive a few days before Christmas.

For a corporate gift, someone who entertains regularly or larger family, this option ensure there will be enough for everyone.

Three different 12 oz breads, two of each flavor. Some sample flavors include:

  • Sample December – Pumpkin Praline, Cranberry Orange, Blueberry Streusel
  • Sample June – Zucchini Walnut, Poppy Berry, Whole Wheat Banana
  • Sample April – Apricot, Coffee Cake, Chocolate Chip Banana
  • Sample September – Chocolate Marble, Pumpkin – Cranberry, Lemon


Available in 3 or 6 month options.
(Shipping included).

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All Natural Ingredients and Made Fresh!

We produce only the finest Scones and Breads from all-natural ingredients. Our recipes are based on old world traditions - just "as grandma used to make".
Mrs. AppleTree's Breads and Scones will take you back to the warm comfort of Grandma's kitchen. Our Scones - by no means the typical dry cakes, will be moist when they arrive on your doorstep!