Customer Service


We have rarely found serving our customers difficult.  We have tested every recipe and do not send out products that have not received either ecstatic or outrageous responses from the bulk of our test markets.  We cannot please everyone and understand that personal tastes are just that.  We constantly develop new breads and scones and ship them to our tasting panelists.  We never get any product back, but do accept that not every flavor will be appreciated in every situation.  We are confident that we can resolve service issues to your satisfaction.

Statements & Policies

All Natural Ingredients and Made Fresh!

We produce only the finest Scones and Breads from all-natural ingredients. Our recipes are based on old world traditions - just "as grandma used to make".
Mrs. AppleTree's Breads and Scones will take you back to the warm comfort of Grandma's kitchen. Our Scones - by no means the typical dry cakes, will be moist when they arrive on your doorstep!