Frequently Ask Questions


Q.  Are nuts used in all your products?

Answer: Please see our allergen statement in customer service or CLICK HERE.

Q.  Are all you products Kosher?

Answer:  Yes.  In order to produce any products in our ovens they are certified kosher and accepted by Kosher Supervision of America.

Q.  Why Kosher?

Answer:  Not a requirement by any means, just another step we take to ensure quality ingredients arrive at our door.  Although there are additional costs to maintaining this, we know that our customers appreciate the diligence it takes and the products we produce can be served.

Q.  Will my scones dry out too fast?

Answer:  As with all scones, keep them tightly wrapped until service for the best presentation and moist, delicious scone.  Any scones not used for service, keep in an airtight bag or container.

Q.  Can I freeze the left-over scones and breads?

Answer:  Yes!  Best to freeze them in an airtight freezer bag and bring them back to room temperature overnight to enjoy for the next morning.

Q.  Are the breads and scones “shelf stable?”

Answer:  Yes.  The scones are best consumed in the first two to three days after arrival.  Just keep them wrapped up, air-tight, at room temperature – no need to refrigerate.  For longer storage, see “freezing.”

Q. What are my shipping options?

Answer: We ship using UPS. With their 2-Day Service, we usually send packages Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, to arrive Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, respectively. All shipping prices are for theUnited States only. Inquiries for International shipping can be directed to

Q. What does Exclusive Mean? 

Answer:  Mrs. AppleTree exclusives are ingredients we bring in directly from the producer (usually family-owned businesses working on a very small scale). Why is that good? The food doesn’t spend time in dank warehouses, as we take care of it from the farm until it gets to you.

Q.  Shipping and Handling Prices per shipping address:

Answer: Cost of Order: Up to $25 ($10 Shipping), $25-$50 ($14 Shipping), $50-$75 ($17 Shipping), $75-$100 ($20 Shipping), $100-$200 (Add 20% to the total order price) and $200 and up (Add 15% to the total order price).

These prices are for individual items prices per shipping address– shipping is included in the price of the revolving “bread of the month” offerings.

Q.  What is the typical order/delivery time?

Answer:  Orders Placed Monday will be delivered by Friday to Most of the contiguous United States.  We want you to have your goodies by the weekend or event. Four Days from order to delivery in most cases.


Answer:  Overnight delivery is available, add $20 to the 2-day rates.

Absolutely, positively has to be there on Saturday.

Saturday delivery (not available to all locations) is a $40.00 additional fee to the 2-day Standard fees shown above.

Q.  What about delivery to Alaska and Hawaii?

Answer:  For delivery to Alaska and Hawaii add $10.00 to the Standard 2-day fees shown above. Please allow 3 days.

Q.  Is it private? 

Answer:  We know that there are bad people out there that grandma would not approve of, and we need you to have faith in your purchase. Here is or privacy statement to help build that trust with  Please read if in a monotone.

Privacy Statement for

Q.  How can I contact you?  

The best way is via email, at If you still prefer to write us that old fashioned letter and like to support the US postal service

Mrs. AppleTree

740 Salem St.

Glendale, CA 91203

Q.  What if I want to return something?  

Answer:  We realize that even though we think that these are the best products ever made, everyone’s tastes differ.  We love to hear the good and the not so good.  So let us know and we will do our best to make it right.

Q.  What are my payment options?  

Answer:  We accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

Q. Can I get the low fat flavors in no-low fat versions?

Answer: In some cases the alternative version is available and listed, otherwise-not quite yet.  These breads were originally developed  to be low fat.  Please let us know if you would like to see any special flavors that you remember from your childhood and we’ll see if we can make a great recipe for you in either the traditional or low fat version.

Q. How can I determine if I’m allergic to your products?

Our Allergen Statement

We realize that there are many allergens that can be mild to life threatening.  We do our best to not cross any lines, but we do share mixers ovens with multiple products.

Using natural products, we run into the fact that allergens are unavoidable.  Reactions to these allergens can go unnoticed, but it is never worth the risk. We think its better to let our customers know what we use.  No huge secrets – just look in grandma’s pantry

EGGS, MILK, WHEAT FLOUR, TREE NUTS, COCAO POWDER, FRESH FRUIT and vegetables, CANNED AND DRY FRUIT, Natural Vanilla, lemon and maple Extracts and  Poppy Seeds.  By no means is this a complete list.

Just know that we make our breads and scones on shared equipment with the above – for specific allergen questions, please contact us at and we’ll be sure to either get the answer or give a lead to someone who might.

All Natural Ingredients and Made Fresh!

We produce only the finest Scones and Breads from all-natural ingredients. Our recipes are based on old world traditions - just "as grandma used to make".
Mrs. AppleTree's Breads and Scones will take you back to the warm comfort of Grandma's kitchen. Our Scones - by no means the typical dry cakes, will be moist when they arrive on your doorstep!