Our Allergen Statement


We realize that there are many allergens that can be mild to life threatening.  We do our best to not cross any lines, but we do share mixers ovens with multiple products.

Using natural products, we run into the fact that allergens are unavoidable.  Reactions to these allergens can go unnoticed, but it is never worth the risk. We think its better to let our customers know what we use.  No huge secrets – just look in grandma’s pantry.

  • EGGS,
  • MILK,
  • FRESH FRUIT and vegetables,
  • Natural Vanilla,
  • Lemon and maple Extracts and  Poppy Seeds.

By no means is this a complete list.

Just know that we make our breads and scones on shared equipment with the above – for specific allergen questions, please contact us at rwgray@distinctindulgence.com and we’ll be sure to either get the answer or give a lead to someone who might.

All Natural Ingredients and Made Fresh!

We produce only the finest Scones and Breads from all-natural ingredients. Our recipes are based on old world traditions - just "as grandma used to make".
Mrs. AppleTree's Breads and Scones will take you back to the warm comfort of Grandma's kitchen. Our Scones - by no means the typical dry cakes, will be moist when they arrive on your doorstep!